Grade 4 – Sphynx Artwork

We began this artwork by looking at the Egyptian culture. We had done a lesson on symmetry in Egyptian art the previous week. This week we looked at the Sphinx…A half lion, half human creature. We also looked at other hybrid creatures like the Minotaur, Centaur and Mermaid.

The class was split into pairs, with each pair being given an A3 piece of colored sugar paper. They tore this in half and stuck it onto an A3 white page. The learners began by drawing an animal on their white piece of paper using oil pastels. They then had to continue the drawing of the animal but turn it into a human. This human part was drawn with stick and ink. Some learners then made a background for their human side using pencil and their animal using oil pastel.

This project was quite advanced and I was a little bit nervous that the grade 4s wouldn’t be able to handle it, but handle it they did! Here’s some of their awesome art!

Grade 4_Sphynx_06 Grade 4_Sphynx_07Grade 4_Sphynx_08 Grade 4_Sphynx_01 Grade 4_Sphynx_02 Grade 4_Sphynx_03 Grade 4_Sphynx_04 Grade 4_Sphynx_05


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