Grade 3: Fun with the Grade 3s!

For this lesson, we were looking at different cultures and the masks they made. As we live in SA, we focused on African masks but, as you will see, the kids weren’t limited to this. After showing them a plate that I had made, they were given a clean, brown plate, a cardboard egg holder and access to a selection of cutting, sticking and coloring implements. To finish it off we made a rod to hold the mask in place by tightly rolling a piece of newspaper (Amazingly enough, this works!) IMG_20150313_123848

IMG_20150313_101614  IMG_20150313_123854The next challenge for these CRAZY Grade 3s was to construct the CRAZIEST hats for a Mad Hatter themed lesson! The lesson was introduced by myself, wearing an outlandish, multicolored cap that the kids loved and reading from a per-selected segment of Alice in Wonderland. I then showed them one easy way to make a base for a hat and then set the kids loose on whatever supplies I could find! These CRAZY COOL kids didn’t let me down. I think the mad hatter would be proud to wear any of these fine examples of head ornamentation.

IMG_20150417_101151 IMG_20150417_101144IMG_20150417_101139  IMG_20150417_101133 IMG_20150417_101127


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