Grade 6 – Modern day Heiroglyphics

The idea behind this artwork was inspired by a love of comics. I have read that the Egyptians were the first ‘comic’ artists as they were the first people to combine words and pictures to tell the story of an event. Whatever the relevance of this, it makes a good introduction to this project.

The grade 6’s were challenged to create their own, modern day versions of the Egyptian art. They were first introduced to the perspective and techniques that the Egyptians would use when drawing objects or people. Having had this grounding, they were given pictures of Egyptian art as well as modern day celebrities and told that they must make Egyptian versions of these celebs.

They worked on colored sugar paper which they called ‘papyrus’. They began by sketching the outlines in pencil before filling in the shapes with dry pastels. These pastels are good to produce flat shading which resembled the Egyptian wall art. These beautiful art pieces were completed by adding lines of authentic, made-up, Egyptian Heiroglyphics. This was a fun project and is different from most of the art that they make.


Egyptian_Comic_04 Egyptian_Comic_03

An Egyptian take on Kim Kardashian.
An Egyptian take on Kim Kardashian.



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