Grade 5 – Frogs

The idea for this project came from the Santam’s creative arts teaching manual. A free book available to art teachers.

The grade 5s arrived in class to a barrage of questions about frogs. Who likes them? What do you know about them?! Tell your stories!!! This they did with great aplomb. Having some idea of what the next artwork would entail, The kids suspicions were confirmed when various pictures of frogs were handed out.

The learners began with a square piece of paper, cut to the width of an A4. A border had already been drawn onto this. Their first task was to draw one of the frogs in pencil in the center of the ruled square. The pictures of frogs that they received all had patterns and this was emphasized.

The next step was to trek out to the gardens and pilfer a bunch of interesting natural elements (sticks, leaves etc.). Heading back in they drew these behind the frog using black pen/ black koki.

Finally the kids could work on the border of their artwork. We first brainstormed a selection of words to do with frogs: So big, small, ugly, cute, poisonous, squishy, jumpy were some of the contrasting adjectives used. They cut these out of either black or colored paper and, along with decorative elements, used these to decorate the border.

This is a successful project and took the grade 5’s 2 weeks.Frog_006 Frog_009 Frog_010 Frog_001 Frog_005


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