Grade 7 – Self portrait Scraper board


This art was made by my beautiful grade 7s! The project began by an introduction to Dutch artist, Rembrandt Van Rijn, focusing on his Etchings. A small gallery here in Cape Town was hosting an exhibition of Rembrandt’s work earlier this year. Frank Joubert, an art school in Newland’s, Cape Town, was hosting a teacher workshop. In this focused on Rembrandt’s techniques in the drawing of a self portrait.

scraperboard_06The techniques we used were hatching and cross hatching that Rembrandt would often use for shading. I also mentioned the way that Rembrandt drew. the hairs so that they seemed to flow and move individually.


All of this preamble now done with, the learners could get down to the serious business. One lesson was spent on making the scraper boards themselves. Learners would fill a hard sheet of paper with white oil pastel. They would then use a roller, sponge or brush to cover this with ink (Acrylic paint works to I believe). The next lesson, mirrors were handed out allong with toothpicks and the learners began their artwork. The actual art making took far quicker then I had expected. Most of the learners were done before the end of one lesson.


They could do what they wanted in the background as long as it looked nice! This project was very successful, the only difficulty I had was the actual making of the scraper boards (a process which is a bit difficult to suitably control).  scraperboard_01  scraperboard_03 scraperboard_04


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