Senior art club – Spray paint design

IMG_20150513_085547This was a very fun project that the senior art club undertook. The learners began by making realistic drawings of animals of their choice (from magazines). They then had to stylize or simplify this picture to a degree so that it would work as a monochromatic image.

41_Animal_Vector_Silhouettes_by_LukasinihoThe learners were shown the image to the left and the importance of a good silhouette was impressed on them. This is a silhouette where the animal can be recognized clearly and the distinguishing features are visible. They then pasted their simplified picture onto a board and, using an NT cutter, proceeded to make their stencil.

We then went outside and were given a brief demonstration on how to use a can of spray paint. Then, in groups of 2-4, the learners began with their masterpieces! They used the outsides of the stencils as well as the insides to make very interesting designs. Finally we went inside and a few stuck their more rendered pictures onto the design.


We discovered that the time given to working with the spray paint should be limited as too much time will inevitably lead to an over full design. For the most part however, the images produced were very cool!



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