Grade 4 – Relief sculpture

Blog_001If you ask most learners what a sculpture is, they will describe a traditional fully fledged, 3D model! The problem with making this sort of a sculpture in schools is that if learners don’t follow the methods for joining clay exactly, their sculptures will begin to disintegrate when they dry.Blog_002

For this reason, as well as for some variety, we looked at relief sculptures with the grade 4s. The lesson began by giving the learners a sheet with pictures of relief sculptures so they would understand what relief sculpture looks like. They then chose a picture of an animal from a small selection that I had cut out of magazines. We then got down to the work at hand!Blog_003

After trying to kneed any air bubbles out of our lump of clay, we made it into a square which we flattened out a bit with the palm of our hand. Our base now ready, we used a toothpick to draw a boarder and then within this border we sketched our animal. We then used little sticks and our fingers to push clay back around our animal so that it stood out. Finally we did small designs around the border.

Blog_004The next lesson the class painted their now dry sculpture. The final pieces came out very well!


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