Grade 4 – Still life

Blog_002Still life’s have long been a staple for artists looking to hone their craft. What better tool and subject matter for the children to practice then?

Blog_004Walking into the art class, The kids were confronted with a very strange collection of objects grouped together on a chair and table: There were bottles; next to Christmas tinsel; next to past grade 3 projects! They soon learned that this was called a still life (a collection of still objects which an artist arranges and then ‘draws’) and that this strange still life would be the subject of their next art piece.Blog_001

The learners did a very basic sketch of the still life using pencil. They then filled this in with oil pastels. The very bright colors are from those learners that used metallic/fluorescent pastels which are always loved by the kids!


The colorful still life now done, the learners were asked to make their own designerly background using black kokis. You’ll see that some of the learners went beyond this media but in many cases this resulted in a pleasant surprise!

Blog_005 Blog_006


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