Grade 6 – Still Life with abstract BG


This idea came from:

Such a beautiful idea resulting in amazing work! The learners were told that they should draw a still life using pencil with all the shading done as realistically as they could. The learners tend not to use much contrast of tone when shading so this was emphasised. The class did a tonal scale before the actual shading began.

StillLife_03StillLife_06 Then to the background. The background was an abstract design of the learners choice. AS you can see from the selection given here, the learners all had very different ideas of what a beautiful background would look like!

StillLife_02 StillLife_01This project was very successful as well as being fairly simple to implement. The credit for this amazing work goes to the learners however!

StillLife_05 StillLife_04


4 thoughts on “Grade 6 – Still Life with abstract BG

  1. carol bysshe says:

    Loving this blog and all the art around the school – you have made a huge difference to our wonderful school – thank you.


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