Grade 6 – Faberge eggs


The first Faberge egg was a gift from Tsar Alexander III to his wife. It was made from pure gold by the Faberge family. The special thing about these eggs is that they had a secret within. Each egg could be cracked open and inside was a special surprise! Some had a diamond ship or a little golden prize encrusted with jewels.

FabergeOur grade 6 eggs were somewhat less ostentatious but no less surprising! Our learners cut their ‘inner’ egg from white 160g paper from a template. They then used this same template to cut out another egg from coloured sugar paper. They folded this sugar paper in half and then stuck half of it down on to the white paper.


The outside sugar paper was then decorated with kokis, glitter and the learners imaginations. They then thought up an interesting secret to ‘hide’ inside their egg and drew this onto the white paper.

I enjoyed this project though some learners finished in 1 lesson while others could have used 3 which can be a little difficult to negotiate. It is nice as learners got to practice their creativity as well as their art skills!



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