Grade 6 – The Scream

001The Scream is an artwork by German Expressionist artist, Edward Munch. It is a well known work and often re appropriated in popular culture. It was the perfect artwork for pre-adolescent learners to look at!Munch_Comp

002German Expressionist artists attempted to portray their emotions through their art. They were not interested in faithfully coppying reality.In The Scream, Munch released his inner angst about the state of the world and of humanity. Our grade 6 learners face many things that make them angry, sad or scared. This artwork was about getting rid of some of these tensions through art.

After being shown the picture of The Scream by Munch, they were asked to make their own scream picture. The picture must have themselves in it somewhere and be about all those things that bring them down. Beyond these stipulations however, the learners were free to make it their own!


As you can see from these examples, every learner imagined their fears/ worries in a different way. It was very brave of the learners to take on a topic like this but they did it brilliantly!003004


2 thoughts on “Grade 6 – The Scream

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