Grade 3 – Earbud Art

004Impressionism was an art movement that was around in the 19th century. It saw artists moving away from a photo realistic representation of forms as they rather sought to express light and its changing qualities. The form this took practically was  artists using their brushes to dab paint onto their canvas rather then stroke the paint on. 003

005In this project, our grade 3s attempted to do something similar. Except that instead of using a brush to do the dabbing, they used earbuds! They were shown some images by Impressionist artists such as Monet and were told the way that Impressionist artists would often ‘mix’ color by dotting different colors next to each other. Thus motivated, the class was excited to get dotting!001They were given pictures of animals to use as reference or merely as inspiration. They began by using the earbuds but were allowed to use brushes as well to finish off. It was a fun project and the work that was produced looks great as you can see!



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