Grade 5 – Surreal friends


This lesson idea was inspired by Rene Magrit. As a surrealist artist, Magrit’s work sought to tap into the dream world of the sub-conscious. A number of his artworks show figures with body parts that have been replaced with seemingly arbitrary objects.the-therapeutist-1937(1)004This is the point that this task takes off from! After a brief lesson on figure drawing including some hilarious practice activities, the class was divided into pairs. Each learner had ten minutes to draw their friend as accurately as possible. The next step was to take this realistic drawing and change it. They were asked to substitute a body part (e.g. leg, arm, head or hair) with a random object.The next step was to draw their figure in a strange landscape. Finally the learners beautifully rendered their artworks using oil pastels! 003008

It took the grade 5s a little while to get into this project but once they were in, they enjoyed it! Drawing strange objects onto the body of their friend caused some conflict but this was overcome as it was explained that this artwork was no longer a picture of them but something else entirely. I also had to be quite stern with some of the learners who tried to take it as a joke. I didn’t know what to expect by the end of the project but was very impressed by what was handed in! 002005


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