Grade 6 – Stained ‘glass’ windows

20150817_133729This time at Camps Bay has been an awesome time of learning for me! I had the idea that I wanted to make a stain glass window with one of the grades using perspex as the glass. With help from the good people at Art Source, the internet and through trial and error, I was ready to try out with the learners. The grade 6s were the perfect test subjects. šŸ˜‰20150817_133753They began by drawing a circular design that used radial symmetry (the repitition of a design around a central point) on paper. They learnt the process of Stain glass window production and were shown the reason for using smaller pieces of colour. They then took an A4 piece of perspex and after taping it to the page with two pieces of tape, they traced the design using permanert marker. They then added colour to the ‘glass’ section using glass glaze paint. Coloured permanent markers can also be used. 20150817_133847

The learners found that the glass glaze was quite hard to work with on the perspex as it does not have any grip for the paint. The black marker also didn’t look as dark as one would have liked on the plastic. Despite these small problems, when I asked the class whether they had liked the project there was a unanimous chorus of “YES!!!”



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