Grade 4 – Portraits of Sasha (The school cat!)

003  Our school has a very cute cat called Sasha. All the kids adore Sasha!

005 004 002

The lesson began with a short introduction to Fauvism and Matisse. Without going into any great depth, we looked at how the Fauvists would use colour to express emotion rather then try and duplicate reality. Les Fauves actually means “Wild beasts” in French, which is what their contemporaries were calling them!

008 009 001

Our grade 4s then made their own Fauvist picture of Sasha using oil pastels. This was done on white paper. When they had finished this, they cut it out and then stuck it on black sugar paper. They could cut out pictures from magazines and include them in their pictures. Many of the learners did this very well!!

007 006


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