Grade 5 – Bird Bookmark

My own example

For this project I used an idea found on Pinterest: Birds on printed paper. Essentially it is just that, a bird drawn and coloured in on printed paper (we used an old phone book). It practice however there are a few steps before this.


I began by explaining the easy way to draw a bird. As with most drawing and art, we begin with the broad strokes and then refine by adding the detail and shading. We looked at how we could draw a bird in its most basic shapes. On a rough piece of paper we did this and then added in extra details like wings and feathers.

The class was then given a small piece of mounting board as well as a piece of telephone paper about the same size. The intention was that they would immediately stick the telephone paper onto the board and then copy their drawing onto this using pencil. A few of the more confident learners did this but a number asked if they could trace their practice drawing, which they were proud of!

They did this by going over the lines with something darker, taking it to the window with the piece of telephone book paper and tracing their previous drawing before gluing it to the board.

This was then coloured in along with some sort of a background. Once finished the learners came to me and I punched the top of their bookmark. The learners could choose a piece of wool to make a handle for their bookmarks. Some of them took more then one colour of wool and made cool weaves!

Though at first I was nervous the project was a bit too advanced for them, the learners did very well and enjoyed it. Most of them took their bookmarks home but a few left theirs with me which I hung up in front of our school hall!


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