Grade 5 – Dragon Eye


This project is one we did last year with the Grade 5s. It is a very nice one to practice drawing techniques and the kids really enjoyed it! 20160215_083818

The lesson began with an introduction to how to draw the eye. We began with the human eye. The class all practiced drawing these eyes for a bit. Pictures of various creatures faces were then handed out: A few pictures of crocodiles eyes; Some lizards; A human eye as well as a Tigers eye. The thought behind this was that no one really knows what a dragon looks like so, really, the grade 5s could use their imagination! 20160215_083727

They were however encouraged to  draw the details of the creatures skin so that they didn’t just have an eye suspended in the middle of the page! If they chose a scaly skin (as many did), they were shown how to draw in these scales.

Once they had drawn and shaded their dragon’s eye using pencil, they were allowed to add in colour using water colour paint. At first I wasn’t too sure if this would work but I was ecstatic about the results!




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