Grade 7 – Past & Future

It was the last term of the final year of Primary School and our Grade 7’s were on their future. They were thinking about the High School they were going to, whether they would still see their friends and other things their future might bring. At the same time thinking about and reminiscing on their time at Camps Bay Primary School.

For their last art project of 2015, I decided to bring in these interests. The project began with a teacher led brainstorm about, first, their past in Primary School and then second, their plans and hopes for their future.

Metaphorically, these brainstorms were used as ‘juicers’ to get the ‘creative juices’ of the learners flowing and ensure that the process of art making was kept ‘well lubricated’. The project was split into several steps:

Step 1: Design and fill an A4 page with drawings that link in with the learner’s past in Primary School or past in general. This was to be done in fine liner (though I was not averse to learners trying different things if they wanted to).

Step 2: Cut out pictures that link in with your goals for the future, both in High School and life, from magazines. Create an A4 collage with these.

Step 3: Turn the collage page over and draw a symbol that represents yourself on the back. (Learners drew everything from hearts to suns to surfboards!) Cut this out.

Step 4: Stick the colorful, more abstract symbol onto the black and white background (The thought was that the learners were placing their colorful and glossy future over their black and white past).

Many of the learners enjoyed this project though I would have liked to do it a bit earlier in the year as to interest grade 7s in any work in the last term is a challenge! I’ve put up a few of the images I got in (I let a number of the learners take their projects home with them last year if they wanted to).



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