Grade 5 – MONKEYBIZ Papier Mache

MonkeyBiz is a very cool organization that sells some very original crafts from South Africa. They became famous for their animals that made from beads, with long limbs and quirky features.


The project given to the grade 5 group was, using only newspaper and sticky stuff, to make a monkeybiz like creature!

They were first shown one relatively simple way to create the structure for a four legged creature: They used 2-4 pieces of newspaper tightly rolled up and then taped for the body, neck and head; They also used two separate rolls of 1-2 pieces of newspaper for the legs.

The head and body section is then bent back and again forward to create a section for the neck and head of their animal. Attaching the legs to this body was a small obstacle the learners had to overcome. Some tried to cut the lengths in half and stick each on separately with tape but this was unstable. What worked best was folding the length of of the leg over the body and then taping this onto the body but a fair amount of tape is required to ensure the legs don’t flop apart!

The next step was to cover the structure of the animal in papier mache. We used wallpaper glue as our sticky medium and strips of newspaper which we layered our animals with.

Finally, we were ready to paint! The learners were reminded that monkeybiz didn’t paint their animals normal colors but crazy colurs with interesting designs!

I hope you enjoy seeing what our kids achieved!



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