Grade 3 – Picasso Peace Dove

20160311_085959This class began with a short PDF introduction of Pablo Picasso. Though they learnt a little about his cubist artworks the main focus of the intro was to show them Picasso’s work: Dove of Peace of 1949.

I showed a picture of a real dove and then compared it to Picasso’s dove and asked what were a few of the differences between the two. The learners were quick to see that Picasso had made a simplified version of a real dove, using only line to present it.

The project linked with this artwork was one that I first found on Pinterest. I took this idea and, adapting it a little, gave it to the kids to do!

The project consisted of a few basic steps:

Step 1 was to take a black crayon and draw a dot in the center of their page. They then had to create a number of lines emanating from this point and running off the page. This divided the page into a number of sections which the learners had to create the outlines of patterns using the same crayon.

Step 2 was to use watercolor paints to color in these patterns.

Step 3 was to create a random animal of peace. (initially it was just a dove but so many of the learners wanted to do other animals that I relented…Besides, it was fun!) This they drew on a separate A4 piece of paper using cocktail sticks and ink.

The fourth and final step was to stick this in the middle of their radial design.

This was a nice project which was easy to manage and also fun for the learners!


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