Grade 5 – James Rizzi

James Rizzi was an American pop artist who was based in New York. His work sought to inspire people and promote such values as love and unity. I discovered him accidently while looking for a nice project for the Grade 5s. We had only one period left of term 1 and so we needed something quick but also fun!

James Rizzi

After a quick introduction to Rizzi, the Grade 5s were introduced to their project. Rizzi had many large scale murals and art pieces of a city where the smiling buildings were alive and interacted with the citizens. The city featured in many of Rizzi’s artworks was obviously his own city of New York, our Grade 5s were asked to do their own city of Cape Town!

They started with an A3 piece of white paper. They took a black crayon and drew the outlines of the buildings and landmarks around town. Some of the learners found this difficult as they like the safety of the pencil and eraser! They then were asked to paint their city in bright colors!


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