Grade 7 – Architecture project

20160223_081438Last term was a fairly short one for us in the Grade 7 art department. Various events saw us having to miss a few art periods. We focused the whole term on just one project, and it was a big one!

The learners were first introduced to architecture as well as Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi was an amazing architect whose work almost merged fantasy with reality. I thought the learners would like him to.

The idea for the project came from a page . For a while it had an online 3D ‘game’ where you were guided through the process of choosing a client and designing a house to meet that clients needs.

Our project began with three of the learners introducing three made up clients: A hippy mom with lots of children, a celebrity chef and a Oxford scholar. They had to choose one of these clients and start designing a house for them.

The practical outcomes of the project were a floor plan of the building done on Sketchbook (A program made by Autodesk); a visualization drawing of what the final building might look like from the outside; and a 3D model of the final building.

I didn’t know what to expect from the learners but what I got blew me away! They really enjoyed the project and their work showed it! A few made smaller but very well made buildings from clay while others incorporated recycled materials and made much larger models. The houses that were produced were of a very high quality as well as being creative and tailored for the clients needs!


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