Grade 7 – Ed Hardy Tshirt


This is a project I have been quite keen on doing for a while now! When I was growing up, Ed Hardy was a big name in our world. Ed Hardy clothes were all the rage! I thought that the grade 7s would like the look of his designs.

The project began with a PowerPoint that briefly looked at designer Ed Hardy, his biography and some of what he made. Ed Hardy studied fine arts before going to Japan and learning more about tattooing. This Eastern influence gave him the edge when he returned to America and began life as a tattoo artist. He later went into fashion, using some of the same designs he had made for tattoos but not placing them on clothing.

We discussed some of his works, looking at his use of the elements of art and some of the principles of design. The grade 7s were asked to imagine that Ed Hardy had come to them and come up with a new South African design for a Tshirt. This design should be authentically South African while still linking in with the Ed Hardy brand. The designs had to have a clear focal point as well as making use of pattern.

After brainstorming and drawing a few thumbnail sketches, the learners were given a Tshirt template, on which they drew their design. This is what was marked. The final lesson saw learners who were finished getting a square piece of fabric and, using fabric paint, painting their design on fabric.

The project was a success and it being on a Tshirt template printed on A4 paper, fairly simple to mark. It was interesting to see what the learners saw as representing our country. A number of the learners were obviously influenced by the news and it must be said that the views expressed are not those of Camps Bay Primary School! Next time I do something similar however I will give a bit more time for the fabric part!



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