Grade 5 – Self Portraits

I found this project in a very good book for art teachers, Santam’s creative arts teaching manual for the intermediate phase. The learner’s responded well to it and what they produced really impressed me!

The project began by me giving each learner a piece of paper and an oval object to trace from. They had to first trace and then cut out an oval shape from this paper. They were shown some of the techniques that can be used when drawing a face and the proportions of the face were discussed before each learner was given a mirror and asked to draw their face!

Once the drawing was done the learners were given premixed teddy dye and water so that they could paint the background of their portrait with a colour. Some learners also used kokis to colour in part of their portrait.

For the border they were given an A4 piece of black card as well as gold and silver gel pens. They were told that they had to include their name somewhere in the border as an element but must otherwise decorate the border.

I’ve put in slightly more pictures than I normally do because I was so happy with how they turned out!


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