Grade 6 – Pastel Horse

This  project began with a challenge to the grade 6’s. They were asked to do two things that they had not done before. They were asked to firstly draw a horse and secondly, they were asked to do this in pastel!

Pastel is a fun medium for all ages but I think even more for kids as it is expressive and fast! The lesson began with me showing the learners some of the tricks I use to draw a horse, and then the grade 6s began!

They started by doing a quick pencil sketch of the horse. I told them they are wasting their own time if they try put in details in pencil as they won’t be able to see them through the pastel anyway.

They then began to add pastel to their artwork. The dirtiness of pastel made it a bit tough for some of the learners to keep their artwork neat but it is quite a forgiving medium as you can always smudge it away and add other colours to it.

I showed them my sketch that I had done in preparation for the class first and showed them how I quickly sketched in the background and then smudged it so it looked blurred, as though the horse was running. Some of the learners did something similar.

The tough thing about working with pastels in a school environment is working out how to spray them with the toxic fixative. Learners had to go outside all through the lesson and at the end of the lesson we all laid our artworks next to each other outside for a good spray!



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