Grade 4 – Surviving in the jungle

This project was intended as a filler between two larger projects but turned into a three week project of its own! The idea came from the new Jungle Book film which has come out recently. The project began with a question: What would you need to survive in a jungle? We discussed some of the dangers one might face as well as some of the things we might need. I then showed the class some pictures of different jungles as well as some hideouts that people have made in jungles. I also showed them a preview from The Jungle Book to get them excited about the project.

The kids took to the project far more then I thought they would! Their imaginations were immediately

ignited and they started coming up with crazy, cool ideas for where they might live if they were stranded in a jungle.

They began with pencil and then used water colour pencil crayons to colour in. Finally they went over some of the outlines with black kokis.



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