Grade 5 – Coil Pot


I try and do a project using clay with each grade at least once a year. I myself don’t have a great background in using clay so I quite enjoy learning techniques and methods as I am planning to teach.

A while ago, I discovered the coiling technique for creating pottery. This is the technique where one makes a long, thin ‘snake’ out of their clay. They then, combined with other techniques such as scratch and wet, coil this length around and around, building onto the previous clay so that what one ends up with is a cylinder of sorts.

Well, if my explanation doesn’t quite explain the process, I apologize…There are numerous videos on youtube that do a much better job! The grade 5 learners got it however! They used this technique to create a little container. They could decorate it in anyway they wanted and were given enough clay to create a lid as well, should they want to. The last step was the painting. 🙂


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