Grade 5 – Tortoises

Tortoises are such useful animals…From an art teaching point of view that is. Their patterned shells and scaly skins are wonderful implements for teaching learners about texture and pattern!

This project was a very simple one that I found in Santam’s creative art manual. After studying and discussing various images of tortoises, the learners had to draw a tortoise using stick and ink. They could not start in pencil. This was a bit of a challenge for them as they usually start off with the very forgivable medium of pencil.

They had to include such things as the scaly texture on the legs and patterns on the shell. They then took a watered down ink and used brushes to give their tortoises a variety of greys.

Finally they took oil pastel to create a beautiful and interesting background scene. I told them that I didn’t just want grass and sky but to use their imaginations and surprise me!


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