Grade 3 – Castle in the clouds

5I have used this project a few times as I enjoy what the kids come up with. I tell the story of jack and the beanstalk and ask the kids to imagine what it must have been like if they were Jack. I ask them to close their eyes and see as their heads break through the clouds and they see this enormous castle!


They then have to draw the castle, the beanstalk, themselves and anything else they would like in the scene. We used some black crayon to outline ourselves as well as the castle. We then used water colour paint to add colour!

I showed them how to wet the paper first for the clouds and then add the watercolour to make a beautiful, diffused colour that works great for things like clouds. We then used water colour on dry paper for the detailed spots.

Grade 3 – Jellyfish

Jellyfish make a very nice subject for a variety of artworks. Their translucence and indiscriminate form give freedom to those who are more painterly with their brush while at the same time giving something to those learners who need a subject to sketch.

I found this project on the deep space sparkle website. It uses a variety of media which is always nice and results in a beautiful artwork! The grade 3s did it on A3 paper. They began by making a gradient from black, through purple, Blue or red, to white. They then took a white crayon and drew the outlines of some jellyfish. Taking a black crayon they added in some seaweed before using chalk pastel to add some colour to their jelly’s. This they smudged to give them their translucent look. The last step was to add other fish and sea life using small pieces of coloured paper.

The learners really enjoyed this project and it was fairly simple to execute! The resulting artwork looked beautiful as well!


Grade 3 – Picasso Peace Dove

20160311_085959This class began with a short PDF introduction of Pablo Picasso. Though they learnt a little about his cubist artworks the main focus of the intro was to show them Picasso’s work: Dove of Peace of 1949.

I showed a picture of a real dove and then compared it to Picasso’s dove and asked what were a few of the differences between the two. The learners were quick to see that Picasso had made a simplified version of a real dove, using only line to present it.

The project linked with this artwork was one that I first found on Pinterest. I took this idea and, adapting it a little, gave it to the kids to do!

The project consisted of a few basic steps:

Step 1 was to take a black crayon and draw a dot in the center of their page. They then had to create a number of lines emanating from this point and running off the page. This divided the page into a number of sections which the learners had to create the outlines of patterns using the same crayon.

Step 2 was to use watercolor paints to color in these patterns.

Step 3 was to create a random animal of peace. (initially it was just a dove but so many of the learners wanted to do other animals that I relented…Besides, it was fun!) This they drew on a separate A4 piece of paper using cocktail sticks and ink.

The fourth and final step was to stick this in the middle of their radial design.

This was a nice project which was easy to manage and also fun for the learners!

Grade 3 – Vacation to Mars

20160311_085912It was the beginning of term and a new class of grade 3s walked into my classroom for the first time. What to do with them…

Something fun, something creative and yet something that ties in with their lingering feelings of the holidays…?

I know! They will imagine their family went on vacation to mars and draw some of what they got up to there!

The grade 3s did this with much enthusiasm, first doing an planning sketch in pencil and then completing it in oil pastel. The learners were also given baby oil. The learners smeared the baby oil onto parts of their artworks, reactivating the oil pastel and making it a little like paint on the paper. This was very fun but we found that this techniques does not work very well with detailed areas. It also changes the colour of the paper for a while.

The works the kids came up with were beautiful! They were doing everything from having tea with aliens to surfing in a massive, gravity free, insulated wave generator!