Senior Art Club – Flipbook Animation

Our learners were introduced to that ancient and well loved student art of drawing little pictures in the corners of books and flipping through them so that they look like they are moving. I took a few of them once finished, scanned them in and then, using Movie Maker, made a little animation from them!

Here it is!


Senior Art Club – Tinfoil Sculptures

20150825_152834I discovered tinfoil as a medium for making 3D sculptures last year. I was doing a class on puppetry with my grade 9 learners and was attempting to make a head. I found that Tinfoil worked wonders!

T20150825_152925he senior art club learners found the same thing! They were given a small section of tinfoil and asked to create an animal. My estimate for how much tinfoil would be needed proved to be very insufficient but this was not a real problem. The work that was produced was beautiful! (As you can see)

001 002

Tinfoil is a very interesting medium to sculpt out of. It can be very pliable though when compressed becomes very hard. Another thing one has to look out for is the way that sheets of tinfoil can separate if not crumpled up together sufficiently. We painted our sculptures with glue once we had finished the actual work of sculpting.

20150825_153023 20150825_152941

Senior Art Club – Playing with Bleach

20150804_154159Since the beginning of the year I have been looking for an opportunity to try out this technique! I learned it while at Varsity and it is one of my favorites. You begin with a sheet of white paper. You then take a paint brush and food coloring(We used Teddy Dye this time) and quickly cover the page in a wash of color.

While the papers dried we spent a lesson playing with charcoal. The learners enjoyed the hands on nature of the medium. They were pushed to experiment with the smudging properties of willow stick charcoal and introduced to the firmer lines of compressed charcoal.20150804_154220

The next lesson, the original papers were dry. When I did this lesson in college, we did a figure study. I had been preparing to stand for the class myself but was spared this task by our gracious student teachers who posed for the time required. 20150804_153328The learners began by roughing in the forms using willow stick charcoal. They then used compressed charcoal to create the really dark patches. Finally They used a paint brush and a little bleach to make the highlights. The bleach removes the colour from the dye/food coloring making some nice, white, highlights.


Senior art club – Spray paint design

IMG_20150513_085547This was a very fun project that the senior art club undertook. The learners began by making realistic drawings of animals of their choice (from magazines). They then had to stylize or simplify this picture to a degree so that it would work as a monochromatic image.

41_Animal_Vector_Silhouettes_by_LukasinihoThe learners were shown the image to the left and the importance of a good silhouette was impressed on them. This is a silhouette where the animal can be recognized clearly and the distinguishing features are visible. They then pasted their simplified picture onto a board and, using an NT cutter, proceeded to make their stencil.

We then went outside and were given a brief demonstration on how to use a can of spray paint. Then, in groups of 2-4, the learners began with their masterpieces! They used the outsides of the stencils as well as the insides to make very interesting designs. Finally we went inside and a few stuck their more rendered pictures onto the design.


We discovered that the time given to working with the spray paint should be limited as too much time will inevitably lead to an over full design. For the most part however, the images produced were very cool!


Senior Art Club – Tape Portraits

Masking Tape_03For the past month or so we had two Belgian student teachers at Camps Bay. They had done a stint at the High School and were now trying their hands with the younger children. It was definitely a blessing having them! Their focus was creative arts and they assisted in many of the exciting classes! They also came with a whole set of new ideas and ways to do art!

The example of tape art that I handed out to the kids for inspiration.The project shown here is one such idea. It’s called ‘Tape Art’. I had not even heard of it before one of these student teachers spoke excitedly about it. In my investigations I found that Tape Art is actually quite a recognized thing, as the image on the left shows. It’s basically making art using tape (sticky/ cassette/ masking). The artist draws a picture in pencil and then cuts and molds the tape to fit the requirements. It can be done in a way that emphasizes the outlines or in a way that shows realistic shadows etc. The learners found that the tape art technique is laborious and does take quite long but they all loved the final result!
Our Camps Bay learners gave this new media their all and the pictures on this page attest to this. We used white masking tape on black sugar paper. Initially the background was decorated using masking tape and then painting this tape with colors, making the white on black face stand out. One learner then found that paint showed up well on the sugar paper itself and learners began incorporating this as well. The rest of the images are below, enjoy!

Masking Tape_04 Masking Tape_01 Masking Tape_02