Grade 5 – 3D Pixel Pokemon

This was a very nice project and the kids really enjoyed it! They were asked to first create their own, unique Pokemon. They were then given a piece of mathematical paper (with a grid) and told to lightly draw their pokemon on this paper in pencil.

They were then shown how to transform this organic shape into one made out of square pixels. Once they had done this they were told how to make these pixels ‘3D’. They had to draw a line from each corner going diagonally left and up to the next corner of their grid paper (but not going through their Pokemon!) Once they had all of these corner bits done, they could link the corners with a line. It took a little explaining to get this process going but, once I had shown them an example or two of me doing it, the learners got it! I loved their creations!


Senior Art Club – Tinfoil Sculptures

20150825_152834I discovered tinfoil as a medium for making 3D sculptures last year. I was doing a class on puppetry with my grade 9 learners and was attempting to make a head. I found that Tinfoil worked wonders!

T20150825_152925he senior art club learners found the same thing! They were given a small section of tinfoil and asked to create an animal. My estimate for how much tinfoil would be needed proved to be very insufficient but this was not a real problem. The work that was produced was beautiful! (As you can see)

001 002

Tinfoil is a very interesting medium to sculpt out of. It can be very pliable though when compressed becomes very hard. Another thing one has to look out for is the way that sheets of tinfoil can separate if not crumpled up together sufficiently. We painted our sculptures with glue once we had finished the actual work of sculpting.

20150825_153023 20150825_152941