Grade 5 – Rolled up action figures!

I got this idea from an artwork I saw at the Eisteddfod art competition 2 years ago. Their one was a simple one showing figures made out of rolled up newspaper doing the Olympic events. I thought we could take that to the next level!

I found a video of a person pretending to be the character from assassins creed and doing some pretty amazing parkour through the streets of his city. I then explained to the class how a person in a dynamic position would look. I showed them how diagonal lines have more movement then vertical or horizontal ones.

They then had to create their scene! The learners had a lot of freedom in the scene they chose to create. This meant that some of the learners to a fairly long time to get on to actually working on the project at hand but it resulted in a great diversity in the art that was eventually handed in.

The learners had to create their person out of rolled up pieces of magazine paper. They could decorate the background in any way they wanted but I found that relying more on collage resulted in a more interesting artwork in the end and next time I do this project I will include this in the project instructions.


Senior Art Club – Tape Portraits

Masking Tape_03For the past month or so we had two Belgian student teachers at Camps Bay. They had done a stint at the High School and were now trying their hands with the younger children. It was definitely a blessing having them! Their focus was creative arts and they assisted in many of the exciting classes! They also came with a whole set of new ideas and ways to do art!

The example of tape art that I handed out to the kids for inspiration.The project shown here is one such idea. It’s called ‘Tape Art’. I had not even heard of it before one of these student teachers spoke excitedly about it. In my investigations I found that Tape Art is actually quite a recognized thing, as the image on the left shows. It’s basically making art using tape (sticky/ cassette/ masking). The artist draws a picture in pencil and then cuts and molds the tape to fit the requirements. It can be done in a way that emphasizes the outlines or in a way that shows realistic shadows etc. The learners found that the tape art technique is laborious and does take quite long but they all loved the final result!
Our Camps Bay learners gave this new media their all and the pictures on this page attest to this. We used white masking tape on black sugar paper. Initially the background was decorated using masking tape and then painting this tape with colors, making the white on black face stand out. One learner then found that paint showed up well on the sugar paper itself and learners began incorporating this as well. The rest of the images are below, enjoy!

Masking Tape_04 Masking Tape_01 Masking Tape_02