Grade 3 – Minecraft Selfies

Blog_003For those few uninformed adults, Minecraft is a gaming universe that has gripped our kids in a big way! Minecraft is kind of like Lego in the realm of computers. Though it has many modes, It sees players entering a gigantic world and being able to build constructions out of textured cubes.minecraftI discovered this project while on pinterest. The learners are asked to make a self portrait of themselves in the style of Minecraft. They began by drawing a very simple version of their face in pencil on the base paper. They then cut coloured paper into smaller squares which they then used to build up their face. The kids creativity soon took over and small 9 year old’s were sprouting goaties and afros in no time! We even had a zombie Camps Bay child!!

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The project took some of the children 2 weeks while a few finished in just one lesson. Everyone enjoyed it!

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