Grade 3 – Vacation to Mars

20160311_085912It was the beginning of term and a new class of grade 3s walked into my classroom for the first time. What to do with them…

Something fun, something creative and yet something that ties in with their lingering feelings of the holidays…?

I know! They will imagine their family went on vacation to mars and draw some of what they got up to there!

The grade 3s did this with much enthusiasm, first doing an planning sketch in pencil and then completing it in oil pastel. The learners were also given baby oil. The learners smeared the baby oil onto parts of their artworks, reactivating the oil pastel and making it a little like paint on the paper. This was very fun but we found that this techniques does not work very well with detailed areas. It also changes the colour of the paper for a while.

The works the kids came up with were beautiful! They were doing everything from having tea with aliens to surfing in a massive, gravity free, insulated wave generator!