Grade 6 – Funny heads

To continue with the theme of foreign cultures I had been planning to make ancient Greek and Roman urns with the grade 6s. Just before I presented the class though I found something which I thought would go down better with this group of learners. I found pictures of some really funky creatures made from paper mache!

For our funny creatures, we took a balloon which was the base of the head. We then stuck on some bottle caps and other protrusions for eyes and horns, legs and ears etc. You can also create some of these using the paper mache itself and forming it into a horn etc. We then covered our balloons with paper mache. A number of learners were unfortunate to pop their balloons but all of us eventually got our balloons covered.

We allowed it to dry for a week before coming back and painting our creatures in bright, funky colours!


Grade 5 – Tinfoil people


This project was very fun! The idea came from this site. The learners started with a rectangular piece of tinfoil. I showed them how they could cut the one side once in the middle and the other side twice so that the tinfoil was in thirds. You then use the side with one cut to make two legs and the side with two cuts to make the arms and head of your person. Its a very simple and fun way to make a simple figure! While it is tinfoil the learners can move it in any way they want!

The introduction and making of this tinfoil person took us one lesson so we had to put on a tag so we knew who’s was who’s and then leave the rest till the next week.The following week we took strips of newspaper and covered our figure with papier mache. Some learners added extra details such as clothing to their creations. This we had to set aside for another week.

The final week we painted our figures.


Junior Art – Papier Mache Chickens

This was a very fun project that we all enjoyed! If you are interested in trying it yourself, I found the project here.

What was nice about it was that it was simple to follow. It begins with a paper plate. you fold this in half, stuff it with newspaper and then tape it together. You then add a little beak like piece of cardboard at one end of the chicken as well as a tail like piece of cardboard at the other end of the chicken. You are now ready to add the papier mache goo!

The now covered chickens are set aside to dry and then we painted them using bright colors and patterns. Those who finished early were asked to draw and then paint a very round chicken. This is something I would have liked to spend a bit more time on as they were looking good but many did not finish.

It happened that the moms who run the schools second hand clothing store came to me with a whole packet of old wire hangers that they had no use for anymore. They asked if I could use them. I clipped them shorter so that I had the hook and a bit of wire and used them to hang the chickens up! They are now roosting near our school hall. 🙂20160608_084337