Grade 5 – Tinfoil people


This project was very fun! The idea came from this site. The learners started with a rectangular piece of tinfoil. I showed them how they could cut the one side once in the middle and the other side twice so that the tinfoil was in thirds. You then use the side with one cut to make two legs and the side with two cuts to make the arms and head of your person. Its a very simple and fun way to make a simple figure! While it is tinfoil the learners can move it in any way they want!

The introduction and making of this tinfoil person took us one lesson so we had to put on a tag so we knew who’s was who’s and then leave the rest till the next week.The following week we took strips of newspaper and covered our figure with papier mache. Some learners added extra details such as clothing to their creations. This we had to set aside for another week.

The final week we painted our figures.



Senior Art Club – Tinfoil Sculptures

20150825_152834I discovered tinfoil as a medium for making 3D sculptures last year. I was doing a class on puppetry with my grade 9 learners and was attempting to make a head. I found that Tinfoil worked wonders!

T20150825_152925he senior art club learners found the same thing! They were given a small section of tinfoil and asked to create an animal. My estimate for how much tinfoil would be needed proved to be very insufficient but this was not a real problem. The work that was produced was beautiful! (As you can see)

001 002

Tinfoil is a very interesting medium to sculpt out of. It can be very pliable though when compressed becomes very hard. Another thing one has to look out for is the way that sheets of tinfoil can separate if not crumpled up together sufficiently. We painted our sculptures with glue once we had finished the actual work of sculpting.

20150825_153023 20150825_152941