Corona Virus Creature

The Corona virus epidemic is something so alien to most of us that we can’t get our heads around it. That the whole of our society came to a complete stand still and many of us were shut into the relative safety of our homes is something that many of us adults still battle to get our heads around. And all because of some, unseen evil. One can only imagine what our children are going through!

It was in light of this that I challenged our grade 3s, 4s and 5s to give a face to this Corona virus by imagining it as a creature. Some of the artworks handed in were beautiful, others cute, others scary and still others quite funny (Like the creature that takes the shape of a walking Corona beer bottle!)

Here are most of them!

Grade 6 – Fashion Explosion!

Our grade 6s looked at Ndebele designs. The Ndebele culture is a South African culture that developed a very unique art style. They then explored fashion illustration and I gave them the example of Instagram artist, Edgar Artis and how he makes beautiful fashion illustrations where the clothing is built up out of found materials.

The learners were challenged to make their own fashion illustration, inspired by the Ndebele but not limited to it. Here is some of their amazing art!

African Zebra

Our grade 4s did an artwork of that most beautiful of striped animals, the zebra! They had to draw a zebra in the middle of a frame that they drew onto their page. They were asked to make a colourful background with a black and white (or crazily coloured) zebra on it. They then had to decorate the border using patterns with a similar colour as the zebra.

Grade 7 – Math and Art

Our grade 7s took on a challenge of connecting maths and art in an artwork! The two might not seem compatible on face value as one is seen as a right brain and the other a left brain activity but they actually work together seamlessly! For one, a lot of creativity is used in higher level maths and maths used in many forms of art (such as perspective, patterns, design and the science behind beautiful/ visually pleasing images) but also, most things in the world can be understood through a lense of mathematics while everything can also be touched by art (The refractions of white light going through drops of water vapour create a rainbow!).

I introduced an idea I had for the project and then the grade 7s took it where their imaginations led them!


Artwork done by learner

I LOVE it when learners take it on themselves to do art or creative projects! For me art has always been fun and so I love it when learners do it for the shear enjoyment they find in the act of creation. I celebrate with them.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Below are some works sent to me by Finlay, a learner in grade 6. He did these by his own initiative and then sent to me. As art teacher, it is my right to show off a little.๐Ÿ˜Š